How does this fragrance reflect yourself? Beyond Forever is inspired by two main concepts - hard work and determination. I like to think that i have always worked hard to achieve my goals so this fragrance reflects my desire to strive for success and stay dedicated to whatever i do.
What do you like most about the Beyond Forever fragrance? The smell is really unique. It is a great combination of strong, masculine woody notes and lighter, more floral tones. The nutmeg ingredients also give the fragrance a distinct smell. I am really pleased with it - I hope everyone else likes it as much as i do.

What are the biggest dreams you have accomplished and how did you strive to reach them?When i was a kid, i really couldn’t imagine doing anything other than playing football - it was all i ever wanted to do. I worked hard to accomplish my goals and made sure that i focused on training everyday until my dream became a reality. I also always dreamt of having a big family and i am now lucky enough to have four amazing kids. I feel really fortunate.What advice would you give, to encourage people to go beyond, forever?By being 100% dedicated - i believe perseverance brings success and sometimes you have to makesacrifices to achieve success. I would encourage people to stay focused and committed to theirambitions. I also think it is important to have fun and always have something to looking forward to.