“I like to think I’ve got my own distinct look which reflects who
I am as a person”

David Beckham
David Beckham style icon David Beckham style icon David Beckham style icon

Being a man has never been more exciting! The rules of style and fashion are in flux. A sense of freedom and opportunity is in the air. The codes of masculine elegance have been shaken. Today you can re-invent yourself according to your character and sensibility, dressing and grooming to reveal who you really are.


Our inspiration: style icon David Beckham

Renowned for his innate fashion sense, David Beckham is an international icon; the embodiment of a new masculinity. His undeniable allure comes from his ability to wear classic looks with his own modern twist, creating trend-setting styles. Effortlessly cool in casual attire or a sharp-tailored suit, David carries off every outfit with confidence, charm and poise.