David Beckham Intimately is a captivating ambery-aromatic men’s fragrance that celebrates the confidence of modern masculinity. Inspired by David’s innate comfort in his own skin, this sophisticated scent lasts all day, radiating warmth and sensuality while conveying understated elegance.

Intimately for Him leads with the intense freshness and sparkle of bergamot, tangy grapefruit zest and zingy cardamom. The excitement rises with a brilliant contrast of sensuous violet and a spicy, masculine blend of nutmeg and star anise. The fragrance is underscored with seductively warm tones of sandalwood, patchouli and amber to create an unforgettable and intimate essence.


The rich amber juice of this men’s Eau de Toilette is housed in a solid glass bottle with a signature diamond-shaped base and crystal-clear cap that conveys understated elegance.

Balancing striking flair with smooth style, this captivating scent was carefully crafted with specially selected ingredients that celebrate the art of perfumery.

Sensual and captivating

The Range

  • David Beckham Intimately Eau de Toilette For Him, 75ml (2.6oz)

  • David Beckham Intimately Deodorant Body Spray For Him, 150ml (5.3oz)

The Scent

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